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The Complete Web Development Bootcamp 2022

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Join the most comprehensive Web Development Bootcamp on Online Academy PK!


This course will teach you web development and turn you into a web developer in 100 days – or allow you to refresh key essentials and expand your existing knowledge!

Becoming a web developer is a great choice because web development opens up many career paths and web development skills are required in pretty much every business that exists today – and of course, this will only increase in the future!

It’s not just about websites – it’s also about “behind the scenes” services used by mobile apps like Uber or Airbnb. It’s about rich web apps like Google Docs as well as browser games. And of course also about regular websites like Facebook, online blogs, online shops like Amazon, and much, much more!

Hence it’s no wonder, that web developers are in high demand! And, besides great job perspectives, as a web developer, you can of course also easily build your own digital business!


This Course Is For You!

This course will teach you web development from the ground up and thanks to the “100 Days Of Code Challenge” which is incorporated into this course (though it’s optional to commit to it!), you can become a web developer in 100 days with help of this course!


No prior web development knowledge is required at all to get started with this course. We will explore all-important basics, all fundamentals, and all key concepts together, step by step.

But this course is also for advanced students who already do have web development knowledge! It’s a deep-dive course and hence you will be able to expand your existing knowledge by diving deeper into key fundamentals like HTML, CSS or NodeJS and also by exploring advanced concepts like handling payments, building REST APIs, or website security.

Since it’s a huge course, the course is built in a modular way. This means, that you can take it to step by step, lecture by lecture but you can also jump right into the course sections that are most interesting to you. Of course, we recommend the “step-by-step” approach for beginners – simply because all the lectures and sections build upon each other. But as a more experienced developer, you can of course skip basics that aren’t interesting to you!


The 100 Days Of Code Challenge

We built this course with the “100 Days Of Code Challenge” in mind – a challenge (not invented by us) that aims to keep you motivated to code for at least 1 hour per day for 100 days.

Since this is a huge course (with around 80 hours of content!) it can be very overwhelming. And we know that many students never finish a course.

That’s a pity because this course is packed with content, exercises, quizzes, assignments, and demo projects! We build a browser game, a blog, a travel website, an online shop and much, much more.

Therefore, we provide clear guidance on how you can take this course from A to Z within 100 days by spending 1 to 2 hours per day watching videos and learning. As part of the course, you get access to a companion website that provides a clear structure and you also find annotations right in the course curriculum.

Of course, taking this “100 Days” challenge is totally optional though! You can take the course at your own pace as well and skip any content you’re not interested in!


What You Will Learn

This is a huge course, packed with content and it’s the web development Bootcamp we would have loved to have when we learned web development.

Here’s a summary of the key concepts we’ll explore as part of this course:

  • How the web works
  • Core technologies: HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Understand how HTML documents are structured and how HTML elements are used correctly
  • Learn core CSS concepts like the box model, flexbox, positioning, units, and much more
  • Explore advanced CSS concepts like building responsive websites, layouts, custom CSS properties, CSS grids & more
  • Learn browser-side JavaScript from the ground up
  • Understand what the “DOM” is and how you can manipulate it via JavaScript
  • Explore browser/user events and how to handle them with JavaScript
  • Build tons of projects (e.g. a Tic-Tac-Toe browser game) to practice and fully understand all these technologies
  • Dive into backend development with NodeJS & ExpressJS
  • Learn what NodeJS is and how it works
  • Build basic backend-driven websites with advanced concepts like dynamic routing or dynamic templates
  • Learn how to work with databases – SQL & NoSQL (and what that is)
  • Practice how to use SQL / NoSQL with NodeJS & Express
  • Dive into advanced concepts like authentication, website security, coding patterns, file uploads, user input validation and so much more!
  • Again: Build plenty of projects (e.g. a complete online shop, from the ground up!) to practice all advanced concepts as well
  • Learn how to use third-party packages and services (e.g. Stripe for payments) on your websites
  • Move on to more specialized, advanced concepts like building REST APIs
  • Explore frontend JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js to build even more powerful web user interfaces
  • And so much more – simply check out the full curriculum to get a complete list!
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What Will You Learn?

  • How the web works and how to get started as a web developer
  • Learn web development in 100 days (optional - you can also pick a different pace)
  • Build websites, web apps and web services (and understand what these "things" are)
  • Build frontend user interfaces with HTML, CSS & JavaScript
  • Build backend processes with NodeJS, Express & SQL + NoSQL databases
  • Add advanced features like user authentication, file upload or database queries to websites

Course Content

Introduction [Day 1]

Building a First Website: HTML & CSS Basics [Days 1 – 5]

Diving Deeper Into HTML & CSS [Days 6 – 8]

HTML & CSS – Practice & Summary [Days 9 – 10]

Serving a Website (Hosting & Deployment) [Day 11]

Introducing Version Control with Git & GitHub [Days 11- 14]

Understanding HTML & CSS Layouts & Positioning [Days 15 – 20]

Understanding Responsive Design [Days 20 – 24]

Creating Beautiful Websites [Days 24 – 25]

Adding Forms to Websites [Days 26 – 29]

Understanding the JavaScript Basics [Days 29 – 33]

Advanced JavaScript: Working with the DOM [Days 33 – 37]

Advanced JavaScript: Control Structures [Days 37 – 39]

Milestone Project: Building a Tic-Tac-Toe Game [Days 40 – 44]

Working with Third-Party Packages [Days 45 – 46]

Onwards to Backend Development [Day 46]

NodeJS Introduction – Getting Started With Backend Development [Day 47]

Enhancing NodeJS with ExpressJS [Days 48 – 49]

More Express: Static & Dynamic Content with Templates (EJS) [Day 49 – 51]

Handling Dynamic Routes (URLs), Errors & Managing Bigger Express Projects [Days 51 – 53]

Exploring More Advanced JavaScript Concepts [Days 54 – 56]

Onwards To Databases [Days 56 – 57]

SQL Databases – Introduction & Core Concepts [Days 57 – 59]

Using MySQL In NodeJS & Express Websites [Days 60 – 62]

NoSQL & MongoDB – An Introduction [Days 63 – 64]

NodeJS & MongoDB (NoSQL) [Days 65 – 67]

Adding File Upload To A Website [Days 67 – 68]

Ajax & Asynchronous JS-driven Http Requests [Days 68 – 70]

User Authentication & Working With Sessions [Days 70 – 73]

Security [Days 74 – 75]

Writing Good Code, Refactoring & The MVC Pattern [Days 75 – 78]

Milestone Project: A Complete Online Shop (From A to Z!) [Days 78 – 92]

Working With Services & APIs (e.g. Adding Stripe Payments) [Day 93]

Deploying (Publishing) Websites [Days 94 – 95]

Web Services & Building Custom (REST) APIs [Days 95 – 97]

Working With Frontend JavaScript Frameworks & Introducing Vue.js [Days 98 – 99]

Course Summary & Where To Go Next [Day 100]

Certification of Completion

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8 months ago
I am so happy with the course, it is a well planned and structured course, he takes what is hard and break into simple codes fitting for everyone to learn.
8 months ago
This course is packed with all the things that a web developer need. Especially I should mention about the instructor and his way of ✨??? ?????✨ teaching. If you are someone who is planning to start a career in web development or who already has some idea and want to improve your knowledge on web development, I would easily recommend you this course. In any course, the basics should be very strong to achieve the final result and I can say ??? ?????? ??? ???? ?????? in this course. I enjoyed the course, the jokes, the projects, the challenges. Finally, ?????? ??? ??????? for this wonderful journey and I learned a lot.
8 months ago
Its been so easy to follow and the lessons are so direct. I was also really impressed that new sections are being added to the course that really takes your learning and capabilities further.
8 months ago
It is one of the best full-stack BootCamp for beginners who don't even know what is Web-Development and Programming...
8 months ago
It's good, sometimes a bit more complicated than it should be but Max is overall a great instructor. I enjoyed most of the courses.
8 months ago
At first I didn't know anything about web development, and now at the end I'm only hungry for more! The difficulty curve was perfect.
8 months ago
I have learned SO MUCH in such a short time, Max is the best teacher! I wish I could thank him in person!
Awesome instructor! He is a phenomenal teacher with a really encouraging teaching style. Would easily be a 6 star course if it weren't for the fact that several videos need updating.
8 months ago
this is one of the best decision i have took i.e to learn web development from Maximilian!! . He is the best as always !!
8 months ago
It was soooooo GREAT! I understand everything Sir Maxi had discussed. I learned a lot when it comes to programming.
Really well structured and thought through course! It's also really enjoyable to listen to Sir Max talking, he easily lifts up your mood while teaching you new stuff. Thx so much for your work!
8 months ago
It has been an amazing and challenging journey for me up until this point of the course. But i would not trade my time spent on it for anything else. I have learned a lot because of mainly the structure of the courses.
8 months ago
I am feeling grateful to have this course. The course covers basic concepts and building blocks of programming.
8 months ago
This course is insane value. The effort that has gone into creating a course that is thought out, easy to follow and teaches you so much info at such a low cost seems like a steal.
8 months ago
This is the first coding course I have ever taken, and I am from a science background. I am well into the Javascript module and absolutely love the course up till here. Sure, there have been places where I was stuck, obviously because of 80 hours long course but the videos at the end of each module boost my confidence every time.
8 months ago
This course is really great. The instructor is very nice teacher. It really deserves five stars!
8 months ago
Very detailed course, in depth and covers a broad range of topics within web development, i've felt like i have gotten enough out of this course to start applying for web development jobs here in Pakistan.
8 months ago
Great course with a very detailed explanation of each concept. Really enjoyed the modules and it is engaging which is a really huge part for me as I tend to get distracted easily when not engaged. Would definitely recommend this course to friends and family that are interested to be professional web developers.
8 months ago
The course is well planned and well paced. I can confirm that one can build working websites after completing the course. But I found that it does not do justice with the backend parts thats why 4 stars.
8 months ago
it a very good to understand and pratice for the website developer