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Microsoft Excel – VBA and Macros (Beginner to Pro Expert)

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About Course

Go from Beginner to Microsoft Excel VBA Expert!

I’ll take you step-by-step through engaging video tutorials and teach you everything you need to know to be able to use VBA to improve your workflow, save time and automate your current Excel projects.


What differentiates this course from the other Microsoft Excel VBA & macros courses? It includes:

  1. Over 50 Microsoft Excel VBA & macro examples. These are solutions my clients have needed through the years. They are likely to be useful for you too.
  2. Using the right VBA syntax is the most difficult part. An important topic that isn’t covered enough in other VBA courses. In this course, you understand why you write things in certain ways.
  3. Create 3 Complete Excel VBA Tools. We go from idea to final product and cover each step.
  4. Over 100 pages of documentation (including useful code) so you can easily refer to it when in need.
  5. Simple explanations for complex concepts.
  6. High-quality video and different delivery methods to keep things interesting.
  7. Lots of ideas to automate your current tasks.


Learn from Google or from this Course?

I’ve been there! I first learned VBA from Google.

It was truly a light-bulb moment, when I realized that Google has some answers – it could give me some of the code I was looking for – but there two things missing:

  1. The WHY – why does the code work in one situation but not another.
  2. Structure – topic sequence, real-case examples, workbooks, documentation.


Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time on poor-quality videos and confusing explanations. In this Excel VBA course, complex topics are taught in a simple way by an instructor with 17 years of experience. The content has been carefully crafted and clearly organized. The videos are high quality and include animations to emphasize points. Most importantly you learn VBA by doing.


What you can look forward to in this course:

  • Understand how to use the right syntax in VBA
  • Useful Excel VBA codes you can directly use for your work
  • Use the macro recorder for simpler tasks and improve the code
  • Working with the Visual Basic Editor
  • Debugging tools and error handling methods
  • Different ways to reference ranges and cells
  • Different methods to loop
  • How to work with data types
  • PivotTables in Excel using VBA
  • Importing data from other files and exporting data to text files
  • Interacting with other applications (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • ActiveX and Userforms to enhance the Excel interface
  • Basically all the knowledge you need to automate tasks in Excel
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What Will You Learn?

  • Enhance your current Excel files & automate your work with VBA.
  • Master Excel VBA & Macros
  • Directly apply the Excel VBA example files included to your own work.
  • Reduce manual routine tasks to the click of a button.
  • Make your work-life easier.
  • Create simple solutions to complex problems by levering Excel functionality with Macros.
  • Formulas & Excel core functionality can't do everything. Use VBA when you reach a limitation.
  • Easily adjust VBA code you find online to fit your purpose.

Course Content

Getting Started

Your First Excel Macro

The Object Model

Referencing Ranges, Worksheets & Workbooks with VBA

Working with Variables

Looping through Collections & Making Decisions

Useful Built-in Functions

Debugging, Error Handling & Procedure Scope

Main Project #1: Create a Tool to Automate Table of Contents (TOC)

Looping in VBA (Controlling the Flow of Code)

Working with Arrays

Working with Files, Folders & Text Files

Excel Tables, Formulas & Pivot Tables

Main Project #2: Sales Regional Reporting Tool

Interacting with Other Applications (Word, PowerPoint etc.)

Workbook and Worksheet Events

Working with Userforms & ActiveX Controls

Main Project #3: Invoice Generation Tool

Create your own Custom Functions

Working with Charts

Certification of Completion

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8 months ago
It's a really comprehensive course that allowed me to have a clear vision of VBA. I also managed to complete important projects in my work. Super recommended!!