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Advanced DAX for Microsoft Power BI Desktop

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About Course

For users looking to take their Power BI skills to the next level, mastering Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a MUST. In this hands-on, project-based course, you’ll put your DAX skills to the test and apply what you learn to some of the toughest real-world business intelligence use cases.


You’ll be playing the role of Business Intelligence Analyst for Maven Roasters, a small-batch coffee chain based in New York City. Your goal? Use Power BI and DAX to answer key questions and deliver data-driven insights for the business, by analyzing product inventory, repeat customers, store-level performance, and everything in between.


We’ll start by quickly reviewing prerequisite topics (evaluation context, filter flow, basic measures, etc.), then dive behind the scenes to explore how the DAX formula and storage engines actually work, including query evaluation, columnar structures, and VertiPaq compression and encoding.


From there we’ll cover helpful tips and best practices for DAX power users, including variables, comments, query formatting and error handling, then dive deep into scalar functions, iterators, advanced time intelligence, calculated table joins, relationship functions, and much, much more. Last but not least, we’ll share a sneak peek into performance tuning and DAX query optimization using DAX Studio and Power BI’s Performance Analyzer tool.


If you’re looking to build expert-level data analysis skills using DAX and Power BI, this is the course for you!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Master Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) for Power BI Desktop
  • Analyze real-world projects & business intelligence use cases
  • Learn the same tools used by top analytics & business intelligence professionals
  • Test your skills with hands-on Demos & Files (with step-by-step solutions)

Course Content

Getting Started

Prerequisite Skills Review

Introducing the Course Project

The DAX Engines

Tips & Best Practices

Scalar Functions


Table & Filter Functions

Calculated Table Joins

Relationship Functions

Iterator Functions

Advanced Time Intelligence

Sneak Peek: Performance Tuning

Certification of Completion

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8 months ago
It was a wonderful learning experience. One thing to suggest, please showcase two or more varity of examples to get it close.